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Accelerator Of Inventions

Our technology and entrepreneurship accelerator was born from a vision of connecting our invention capabilities with the development and investment management capabilities existing in our invention group.
Most of the inventions are born within the framework of the constant brainstorming that exists in our group (Aric is the main and tireless inventor from sunrise to sunset).
We carry out in-depth feasibility and market need studies and, according to the results, decide on the promotion of the groundbreaking inventions to our internal accelerator program in which we invest our own capital with the aim of bringing the invention to the proof-of-concept stage

AirFormula™ AiRace  

SA 2002 a9.jpg

Air Formula Air Race

The AiRace™ was invented as  an innovative and unique aircraft racing worldwide platform. 

The Aircraft Race Initiative has combined different aircraft into several types of races.

The types of Air Races were from Cross Country in off-road aircraft to a speed race in

a closed flight circuit in aerobatic aircraft. 

The race was one of the group's first projects and was carried out in Israel and

South Africa in 2001 and the beginning of 2002

SWave Boats  

4B0A9863 (2736 x 1824).jpg
SWave 20160518 - 12.png

SWave Boats

SWAVE™ Boats  is a uniqe line of sport boats and pedaling accessories.

The SWave™ Boats line defines a whole new category in aquatic, recreation sport.


The FClass project goal was to develop tha tomorrow class as a smart, flexible and adapted physical learning environment build for groups and individual studies.

The Tomorrow Class project was one of the first projects related to education in the Serren Group

Arto Cie™


Arto Cie means Art Is Everywhere 

in the Esperanto language

 Arto Cie Gallery is an entrepreneurship by Serrenisima Ltd. The Arto Cie Gallery

presents a new concept for an art gallery

Set as a unique pavilion in public and private everyday spaces, the art is exposed to the eyes of a wide and versatile visitors

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