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swave story

Swave™ Story

Aquatic sport and stand up paddling is a fast growing market that is part of the leisure and wellness lifestyle of modern time.

SWAVE™ boats invanted by arch. Arik Tal-Or as a line of innovative boats that defines a whole new category in aquatic sport, pedalling and recreation.


The SWAVE™ Beta models includes

Stand On Top boat

Bubble- for family experience


These models creates a new experience in water sports and family leisure time, all boats are extremely ergonomic and enables an immediate and easy use for all.

The special patented design, engineering and structure of the boats established a very stable, durable and fast vessel with a great diversity, suitable for single or double pedaling standing up or in sitting positions.

the boats are suitable for an athletic long Sail or for a diver who wants to take a gear out to the open sea.


The SWAVE™ boats are a significant leap in design and engineer of paddling vessels that creates a unique category and a new and unusual user experiences.

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SWAVE™  Bubble
SWAVE™ Stand on top boat
SWAVE™ Unique features
SWAVE™ GC paddle

Unique patented Two headed rowing paddle
adjustable length and angle according to the rowing position, user size and cruise mode.

Paddling Positions

Paddling Positions
In Action

    In Action   

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