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Software, Hardware & AI

IThe Serren R&D Dream Group has identified a need to develop innovative content for the field of artificial intelligence, AIC Project.


The AI tools that exist today in practical development configurations are quite a few and constitute a broad infrastructure for content development.

A content system that is under development by the Serren group thinks AI, understands AI construction and connects market needs to distinct AI solutions with a clear technological and commercial advantage.

The first system under development is a cutting-edge integrated A.I.U.L  (Artificial Intelligence Ultra Learning) system that uses the AI power based on NLP and Deep Learning to accelerate learning method & data

SWave AIUL system gives each student a personal learning experience. This unique tool helps students to get more out of their learning process.


SWave AIUL was built in a innovative way that enables it to use the material data of the SWave academy, and to use it to the students advantage.

SWave AIUL manage to give the students uniqe and specific learning insights, advanced learning options and much more.

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